Designing Stylecraft’s campaign for Saturday Indesign 2019.

Presented by Stylecraft and the National Gallery of Victoria  for Melbourne Design Week 2020.

Project Details:
Saturday Indesign 2019

Window Installation:
Signarama Footscray
Envirographic Design:
Ebony Harrison

Completed in my in-house design role at Stylecraft.

About SID19:
After a brief hiatus, Saturday Indesign returned to the city of Melbourne in 2019. One of the Australian A+D industry’s biggest events, SID celebrates  architecture and furniture design in a single Saturday of events held across the host city.

For SID2019, Stylecraft presented 22 new ranges under three distinct zones: Home, Work, and Learn.
My role on this project was to formulate the visual identity for use across all pieces of collateral, including a full building window treatment, interior and exterior signage, tote bags, advertising, EDMs and branded client itineraries.

Design Process:
A simple and versatile identity was our most economical and effective option. A very simple colour scheme was formulated based on how the shades paired in a gradient into pink, which kept the Stylecraft “touch” present across everything. Each of these colours were allocated to one zone, with interior signage designed in this scheme.

Window graphics were applied as a printed, dusted vinyl with a semi opaque finish. The volume of graphics required meant lead us to a subtle finish on the windows, allowing the signage to compliment instead of dominate the space.
Wall and floor graphics were used across all zones to highlight new products to visitors, and to identify the zone in which this product belonged, as well as to guide users through the space.

This project ended up serving as excellent the visual research that lead to a strong outcome for the AFDA Exhibition Signage in 2020.

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